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Bayou Buzz
Saturday, October 31 2015
SwimSwam Press Release - World Class Aquatic Campus Coming to Cedar Rapids, IA.

Today, Nick Ford, Cedar Bayou Parks CEO, announced the next steps of Eastern Iowa’s next athletics and recreation destination attraction, Cedar Bayou.

“The core of our project is a top-of-the-line natatorium with a MYRTHA POOL,” said Mr. Ford. “There are other amenities that will draw an audience from across the state, the region and even across the country, but the heart of what we will offer is a facility intended to create an environment where swimmers can reach their full potential.”

Encompassed within the natatorium project specific are:

2 pools,Competition pool! Removable bulkheads, separating 3-25 yard 10-lane sections ! Can be reconfigured for:

  • 1-50 meter long course
  • Men’s and Women’s Water Polo competition areas ! 2-1 meter and 2-3 meter diving boards and wells
    1,000 spectator seats per side of pool
    20-foot decko Non-Competition pool
    20×25 yard, 3.5 ft. depth heated pool, suitable for lessons, aerobics and rehabilitation
  • 3-Endless Pools
  • 35-person Jacuzzi area (therapy)
  • Physical Therapy office with Orthopedic doctor consultation
  • Weight and dry-land training roomsAquatics sports education programs
  • Four, fully equipped conference/classrooms
  • Two-45 room bunkhouses for swim camps
  • Pro/Local Swim Club Lounge
  • Food court, including healthy options, connected to the natatorium
  • On site Swim Shop
  • Competitive swimming opportunitiesAlso included on premises is a 100+ room hotel, which includes:
  • Themes style rooms for accommodation of families or parties up to eight
  • Double Queen/Single King rooms and several suites
  • Room service from any restaurant on the campusMore than just a premiere competition opportunity for leading athletes, the facility will also offer:
  • 62,000 sq. ft. indoor waterpark-Bayou/Cajun theme
  • 5 Acre outdoor waterpark-Bayou/Cajun theme
  • Indoor/Outdoor lazy rivers
  • Adult-segregated areas
  • Surf machine/Wave pool
  • Premiere Cajun restaurant experience (in keeping with the Cedar Bayou theme)
  • Year-round RV Parking
  • Year-round, stocked trout stream
  • An oval-shaped pond (approximately the size of a football field) with surroundingboardwalk and dining/entertainment options
    o This is designed for paddle boating, kayaking, RC Boats and winteractivities, such as skating and hockey

Wedding Village“We’re working toward bringing Pro-Ams and other larger meets to the area,” said Mr. Ford. “We’ll be capable of holding any type of meet, with the exception of Olympic trials.” He noted that the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area already hosts the 2016 Olympic Wrestling Trials, and the B1G Conference and NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Championships in 2015.Cedre’ (pron. “SEHD-rey), the Cedar Bayou mascot, mentioned that the people of Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa are very welcoming. “Coming to Iowa from the Bayou, I’ve fond the people and the water both very hospitable! I hope that many more people come to visit us to get a taste of the Bayou up north!”

The facility is expected to break ground in May 2016, with natatorium, hotel and indoor water park opening in the Fall 2017. The remainder of the campus will be opening in the Spring 2018. For more information, please see, or our Facebook pages: Cedar Bayou and Friends of Cedar Bayou.

Click here for complete Press Release on SwimSwim Website.

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Tuesday, October 27 2015
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Thursday, October 22 2015
City of Cedar Rapids Support of Cedar Bayou

The City of Cedar Rapids is behind this project. You can see many of our support letters on our Endorsements page of the website. Below is the letter from Mayor Ron Corbett and City Manager Jeff Pomeranz.

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Friday, October 16 2015

Curious about who our team is, you can learn more about us on our webpage under meet the team page -


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Wednesday, October 14 2015
CR Gazette Guest Columnist Jim Voss explains how Cedar Bayou will lift community in recreation, jobs and quality of life

Special thanks to Jim Voss, a true Friend of Cedar Bayou!!!

As you know Cedar Rapids is a Blue Zone community yet we lack recreational facilities that many of the towns around us have. Do we have a water park? NO! Yes we do have upgraded and modern outdoor aquatic centers. Do we have a public indoor swimming pool that is not antiquated and that can be used by all ages? No, we have Bender pool. Cedar Bayou will give us this needed element and truly give meaning to the term Blue Zone.

The park would include a traditional swimming pool for learn to swim lessons, a therapy area and lap lanes. An indoor/outdoor water park that would include rides, a mid-ranged hotel, RV park, a lazy river, a food court with restaurants and shops. It could also be incorporated into the College Community Schools as part of their physical education and athletic programs. It will have a competition pool which means they could host swimming events such as Iowa Games and age group swim meets. These events bring in hundreds of participants.

Our community now hosts various sporting events from Girls State Volleyball, NCAA Wrestling, and numerous soccer tournaments but lacks facilities to host swimming events. These events really help to boost sales and generate revenue for the area through motel/hotel rentals, food, entertainment, shopping, and fuel sales.

Cedar Bayou will create jobs for our area construction companies; it will have high efficiency equipment and they plan to have solar power as well. This facility will add to the growth of the city and open the door for more. It also will give the city another source for recruiting and keeping our young professionals in our town.

Its location makes it an easy drive from anywhere in Eastern Iowa. And having a mall close by and motels/hotels in the area makes it a great destination for families. What is more important is that it is a private investment which means taxpayers will only reap the benefits of this facility, not pay for it.

I support this venture and wish the Cedar Bayou group the best of luck as they try to make our community a more enriching place to live and visit.

Jim Voss is a retired teacher and coach in Cedar Rapids. Comments:




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Tuesday, October 13 2015
Celebrating Gumbo Day on the WMT Morning Show

We (Nick and Faithanne) were on from around 7:30 - 8:30 am...
Gumbo was provided by Lou at the Village Meat Market and Cafe

Thanks Doug Wagner and Andy Petersen - True Friends of Cedar Bayou

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